Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Swallowing Golfballs & PMS

ICK! I'm sick! We're all sick actually, except Cheyanne. Patrick has a monster cough, that kept us up ALL night, I've got swollen glands in my throat that feel like golfballs (why did I get my tonsils out when I was 20?), and Allen stayed home from work today with a fever. So I'm sick, I'm tired from no sleep, and of course PMS like a bitch outta hell. What a day, and it had to be the first day back from a long weekend too...

I started a new blog on wordpress (look at my links). Over the weekend I found a whole collection of poetry and stuff that I'd written in junior high and high school. I was pretty pleased with my teenage angsty self, and decided I'd start a little blog to publish it. I only wish I'd dated them, or at least put the names of who I was writing about... It's funny how someone ruled my world enough for to write a poem about them, only twenty years later not have a clue about who which poem is about. Teenagers...

I finished Snuff! What a book. Man only Chuck P. could turn a group of characters as screwed up as these folks, and make you love them. I'm always a little about books that are about porn, but Chuck has never let me down before. I had the book finished in just about 2 days. Nice, but out there, surprise ending, as always. I say if you;re looking for a good read about sex, porn, gang bangs, and Snuff films, this one is for you. OK, that sounds bad, but trust me it's so bad, it's good... I give it an A!

What a crappy day. I could only think of one JamsBio story to link up to this post, that seems to fit my very crappy day.

Doing Daycare

That's it I'm going to bed now.

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