Sunday, February 1, 2009

When and When Not To Impeach

I have been thinking a lot about impeachment this last week. A coupe of things have continued to come across my desk that have kept impeachment as a recurring thought through out the week. Of course there was the very non-surprising impeachment of Illinois' favorite bad boy, Blago. I also began a Political Science class where Ive already been reading about the reasons for the impeachment process. There was also the official statement made by Speaker Nancy Pelosi that has made a few liberal head fume, that there would be no investigation of President Bush and that any impeachment talk was "off the table." This coupled with an article I came across in Vanity Fair just got me thinking.

Now I was a teen and a young adult during the latter half of the Clinton years. Good times. During the late 90s I was a DJ at a rock station in the Central Valley and it was my great distinction to have been on the air during many of the highpoints (ha ha) of the great Clinton Sex Scandal that dominated the media for a part of those late 90s.

And just to be clear my feelings on Clinton's impeachment are exactly the same as they were then, what a bunch of CRAP. Do I think he was a good president? Yes. A good public servant with the best intentions when it came to serving our country? Yep. Do I think he was a bit of a dog , and a crap of a husband? Sure I do. Does that change what kind of President he was? NOT AT ALL. My point is that whatever he did with the skanky little intern should not have impacted his ability t lead or be a good president. It was the subsequent impeachment and complete lack of integrity on the part of the media at the time that impacted the country and his ability to be president.

So if Clinton can be impeached for having sex with an intern & Blago can be impeached for "abuse of power", why exactly is George W. Bush not even so much as worth entertaining the idea of impeachment?

35 whopping articles of impeachment against George W. Bush were introduced into the House of Representatives last June and the House voted 251 to 166 to refer the impeachment resolution to the Judiciary Committee on July 25, where no further action was taken on it.

Now, I'm not saying that I am sure that President Bush should be impeached, because I'm not sure. But I AM sure that back in January 2001 things were cool. Now it's February 2009, and wow, things are kind of a mess. Now if it was ok to impeach Clinton under the ridiculous circumstances in which he was impeached, does someone not owe us, the American people, at least the courtesy of double checking Bush's impeachment? You know, maybe someone could just take a quick look at those 35 articles and MAKE SURE that the country isn't in shambles because of some serious negligence on The Bush Administration's part?

Call me crazy.

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