Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Read My Life Story!

OK! JamsBio is finally public and my life story as told through the music that played in the background is available for you to read! Check out my JamsBio and read a couple of my private and most beloved memories. If you dig it, leave me some comments and share your own story!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just Chillin after too much Easter Candy, and WAAAY Too Much Cake!!

Today was Patrick's 5th birthday! Unbelievable. It's sooo hard to imagine that he was born exactly 5 years ago today. Life before seems like a lifetime ago. He's such a little doll. The other day he got very upset after pre-school. He was CRYING and very upset (he was tired and had not taken a nap, so that did add to the drama I will admit) but through his very dramatic cries told us about how he was upset with his friends, the boys, at school. He said they kept wanted to chase the girls and be mean, and he was trying to stop them but they wouldn't listen to him. They wanted him to chase the girls too, but he didn't want to be mean. His boys got mad at him for it. It was all very upsetting for him. I felt bad for him that his friends were mad that he didn't want to tease the girls. But than I started thinking that the boy we're raising, has this strong of an opinion on being mean to girls at this age. AND that as upset as he was that his friends were mad, he didn't give in to them. How frickin awesome is that? He's going to be quite a man.

The party went well. A good turn out. My brother & niece were there, which was just about the best present Patrick could've asked for. He loves them a lot. I wish they lived closer. We need to make it a point to make a weekly call to them. Sometimes keeping in contact with family and old friends seem hard, but man is there any other piece of technology easier to use than the phone? Nope.

Other musings this week, anyone watch American Idol? Beatles? Really? As I've mentioned before, I'm not really watching this season. But I watched enough of the last two weeks to say, FOR SHAME!!! I couldn't have said it better than Joel over at The Soup did,
''Congratulations, Yoko Ono, assassins, cancer, and one-legged gold diggers: You're no longer the worst thing to happen to the Beatles."

Has anyone seen Pop Fiction????? OMG! It is soo funny! It's stars (I've seen Paris, Avril Lavigne, and David Spade) who basically punk the paparazzi. They set up the paparazzi, by orchestrating an incident (that is totally staged) and see how long before it hits the tabloids. Avril put on a "baby hump" and went with her guy to a baby store. The next day pictures of her "pregnant" belly were plastered. Take that stalkarzzi! Better think before you snap...

It seems fitting to have this show happen after the tabloids revealed Lisa Marie's pregnancy before she wanted to reveal it. Have you heard this? The tabloids ran all this about her gaining all this weight, only for it to turn out she's pregnant. Funny that this all happened as Dancing With The Stars was about to premier though. Ya know, starring Miss Priscilla? Dancing With The Stars...hmmm. Don't you think that maybe they're using the term "stars" kind of loosely these days? Just asking...

I can hear the chocolate cake in my kitchen calling to me....HELP! I'm sooooo addicted to chocolate. I really need to crack down on the chocolate obsession. I was good for so long, and now ick. Maybe it's the holidays. I need to get back on Weight Watchers....It's either that or start smoking again. Since I'm going on 6 years, that would just be a tragedy to start back up now.

Oh yea, Bankruptcy news!!! We signed the papers today! FINALLY! Senile old bankruptcy lawyer finally got it all set and is going to file on Tuesday (Hey, when did the day after Easter become a holiday? Did I miss a memo?). Now we play the waiting game, and see what the trustee says. Keep your fingers crossed.

That'll have to do for now. I'm burned out from a VERY long day. Happy Easter everybody!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

This Weeks Blog Will Be Postponed Due To:

Easter Eggs To Be Filled
Balloons To Blow Up
Banners Top Hang
Cupcakes To Bake
Easter Baskets To Prepare
All before Tomorrow!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Time Change Stinks!

"Don't forget it's daylight savings time. You spring forward, then you fall back. It's like *Robert Downey Jr. getting out of bed."
David Letterman

I am soooooooo tired. This has been the worst daylight savings time change I can remember since....well since last years. I'm crabby, the kids are crabby, it's almost like the whole country is suddenly PMSing. It's gonna take me until the fall to get used to it. In fact I'm too tired to write anything truly interesting. So here's the highlights,

1) Another politician ends his career in scandal. Called the "Elliot Ness" of prostitution in New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is caught up in a prostitution ring himself. Though I feel like it's news, at the same time there's something so "I'm stopping to watch a fatal wreck on the side of the road" about watching the footage of all this. Not that the guy didn't bring it on himself, he did, but watching the networks dissect it is like watching vultures to roadkill.

2) Justin Timberlake's snarky induction speech for Madonna's entry into the Rock N Roll Hall Fame was pretty bad. Though I'm on the anti-Britney train, so I loved every awkward second of it.

3)Mary Ann is smokin the Mary Jane? Yea, Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island got six months for being busted with pot. She blamed it on the hitchhikers that had been in her car earlier. Ya know, sometimes a good joke simply just tells itself...

*Iron man is coming May 8th!!!! YAY for Robert Downey Jr!!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

This is good stuff right here...

So a couple of weeks ago I read a review of this memoir in EW (Entertainment Weekly, my equivalent to a newspaper), Love & Consequences by Margaret B. Jones. After being sexually abused in kindergarten this girl entered the California foster care system and ended up being adopted by a black family in South Central LA, where she & her 2 brothers became Bloods. It was supposed to be an inspirational tale of how Margaret survived and eventually got out of gang life, etc. Well I was totally intrigued by this story of a young white girl growing up a blood, and I put it at the top of my must read list. Especially since EW's own Vanessa Suarez gave it an A rating (Suarez KNOWS her stuff).

Here's where it gets funny (stop me if ya heard it). Today I was reading through this weeks copy of EW and found a small blurp saying that the whole "memoir" was bullshit. Margaret B. Jones...I mean Margaret Seltzer, as it turns out is a big fat liar. I mean like liar liar pants on fire liar. There was no foster care or adoption, but she did go grow up in LA Just not South Central. And she attended private school. WAIT, it gets better, not just any private school though, NOOO, Ms Liar Liar attended private school WITH...wait for it...wait for it... the Olsen Twins! Certainly tough, but no South Central.

Ms. things sister came clean to the NYT on the 4th. Riverhead publishing is recalling all copies of the book and has issued an apology. OK so she shouldn't have claimed it was a true story, but at the same time, hell, if some whitebread from the school of Olsen can come up with a believable enough story about gang life in South Central LA that it begins to generate as much buzz as this book was already generating, doesn't that make her something more than just a good liar? Doesn't it make her a...hmmm...what's the word? OH, I don't know, doesn't it make her a good WRITER? I say slap a fiction label on those bad boys and let 'em sell. A story that inspires, inspires whether it's fact or fiction. That's a fact.

By the by, if any of you have a copy of this book, I'd sure like to get my hands on it. I wonder what it's going for on Ebay...

Oh yea, my Lost blog is up (see my rants list) and is a work in progress. It's a labor of love. Well more like obsession, actually...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Song Remembers When

OK, so it's Thursday and you know what that means. Pre-Lost time killing. Did anyoe watch last week? I am in love with Desmond! Anyway, on with the post... This week in the world of Meganomics,

-I am so absolutely addicted to the website I'm writing for, Jamsbio. Basically you choose a song and write a little story about a memory you have relating to the song. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is an obsessive thing I do with songs anyway, so it's only fair I make a little extra money doing it. The site is still in beta mode right now, (not public) but will be going public soon. You can follow my link and see if you can get an access code by typing in your email address. It's so strange how a song can zap you, like a Delorean back in time to another place. You hear a song on the radio and you're whole world just stops for three minutes....

-I am putting a Lost blog together. I figure maybe I can work some of my addiction to Lost out by writing about it every week. Stay tuned for that..if I ever get around to finishing it.

-Follow the link to Associated Content. I just got my first article published there. It's about Haunted Places in Livermore. Spooooky! They paid me $4.00 to write a few words about the places we used to go drink beer. Who knew?

-And of course the ongoing Harvey Family Bankruptcy 2008 (no longer tax debt-yay!) saga continues. We are in week 9 or 10 I believe. We went to see our senile old bankruptcy lawyer on Saturday and finally gave him our tax stuff. He said that he would be calling this week sometime to let us know when to come in to sign the papers. We have yet to hear from him, of course. That Saturday when we woke up, Patrick asked what day it was and I said Saturday. "He said "Are we going to the lawyers again?" Nice, I can imagine what he tells his class on Monday when they ask what we did over the weekend. As we were leaving the lawyers office Patrick said, "Boy our lawyer sure is old isn't he?" I'm pretty sure the lawyer heard him, I wonder if that's why he hasn't called?

-I have to admit that I have not been watching American Idol this season. I guess with the writers strike I just got used to being on the computer and now I'm having a hard time tearing myself away. But, I am now intrigued over this male stripper debacle. At a guy strip cub? Props to AI for mixing it up a little! Yes, I say props to AI because it's not like they didn't know this before choosing him , I mean C'mon. Maybe I'm just bitter because they kicked off our very own Donnie (from my own hometown) a few seasons back because he got a DUI the weekend before the first America voting round. That sucked. But I digress... Guy male strippers on American Idol? Oh yea, I am definitely in.

-How about Hilary's win this week? Ok, I hope I don't alienate any of my readers (All two of them) by saying woo hoo! Not to say I don't dig Obama, I do, but a lady president? I am women hear me roar baby!!

-Patrick Swayze, pancreatic cancer? Have you heard this? Depending on the source you hear it from, he's either responding well to treatment or only has a few weeks to live. I hope it's the responding well, because he's Patrick Swayze damn't!!! God would never take our beloved Outsider, our Wolverine, our Johnny Castle for heaven's sake! I refuse to believe it.

-Have you seen the new Indiana Jones trailer? AAAHHHHH! I just watched it and feel like a little kid!! That music gave me goosebumps...

-OK, well that's it for now. I wish I could afford to get myself a used laptop so my posting wasn't restricted to times when the kids aren't otherwise occupied. If anyone wants to donate to the cause, drop me a line... HA HA

-I've got a Cadbury Egg waiting for me, don't you just love Easter time?