Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank God It's Friday!!!!

Yippee it's Friday, FINALLY! For a short week, it sure was a long week, if you know what I mean! We are finally just about over the colds we had plaguing us the first half of the week, so that's good. We're all a little tired still, but nothing a nice long lazy morning sleeping in won't cure! My voice is still in and out, my sore throats ALWAYS end in laryngitis it seems. I think if you ask anyone I've ever known in my entire life they would say I talk to much. I can't ever have laryngitis without someone cracking a "she talks too much" joke. I'm not saying it ain't true but still...

So Patrick has figured out how to get to the DVD extras on his movies. So before he watches a superhero movie he likes to watch the extras so he can "see how they make it". The other day (keep in mind he's only five) he explained to me how Stan Lee came up with the idea for The Hulk. That's right, my five year old told me how much Stan Lee loved Frankenstein, because he was a monster but a good guy. Just misunderstood. Stan Lee's otter favorite was Jekyll & Hyde. He put the two together and that's where he came up with the idea for the Hulk. My son (again, he's FIVE) then went on to tell me The Hulk was supposed to be gray, but there was something wrong with the printer, and Hulk came out green. Since there were no other green superheroes, Stan Lee kept it that way. My son told me all this. So does this mean that he's destined to be the next Spielberg, or the next Stan Lee? I'm amazed at his fascination with the superheroes. It's beyond them being cool, he truly loves seeing how they come to life. It's his calling I think, already, he's got a calling...

Speaking of kids saying the darndest things. So Cheyanne and the other little girl I have here in daycare were playing cars the other day. They're being all cute and girly. "Wanna go to the beach?" The daycare girl's car asks Cheyanne's car. Cheyanne's car agrees and they start puttering around the couch. Suddenly the daycare girl goes "Let's roll bitches, c'mon bitches let's go to the beach". She just turned three and she, "Let's roll bitches". I gave her a talking to and informed her mom. Meanwhile, I've been busting a gut laughing while I tell everyone who'll listen about it. I know she didn't get it from my house, so I can revel in the comedic aspect of hearing a three year old speak gangster. I know bitches is not an OK word for three year old to be saying, but the way she was using it, really isn't any different than my kid, who already use the word awesome and dude ALL THE TIME. Kids. Go figure...

Sex & The City opens this weekend. Think the hype is too much? There's been backlash in all the promotional bruha over the flick. I am OK with it. I'd actually forgotten what a great show it truly was, and am happy to see it on the big screen. Candace Bushnell and the incredible staff of writers HBO had for the show are AMAZING. Me and my little blog and internet ramblings could never be the hilarious, poignant, and sharp writing that was Sex & The City. I only hope the movie retains that sharpness, but I have a pretty good feeling it does. Not that I'll actually make it to the movies to see it, I'm sure.

On Wednesday I actually went to Las Positas and met with a guidance counselor and put my student education plan together, He pointed out that my assessment scores were better than I had understood them to be, and that getting my AA really wouldn't take that much effort than what I'll already be doing. Food for thought I guess. The ladies in the Early Childhood Education Dept. were really cool, and pointed out that though EVERYONE looks like teenagers at first when you go back to school, once I'm actually going to class I'll see how many people are actually my age. I hope so. Not to judge, but I'm not sure I can keep up with the Lohan/Spears generation...I'm much more of the Tiffany/Gibson genre myself... So classes start at the end of August. It's scary, but feels awesome.

Allen has been inspired, and now is talking about going back too. He wants to get a certificate in music, and start teaching guitar. How awesome is that? He would be sooo good at it, and I think would be ale to build quite a clientele fast. I hope he really does it. Keep your fingers crossed.

OK, this ones for the soap fans. One Life To Live to be specific. Now that Tuc Watkins (known to some as the Desperate Househusband, Bob Hunter over at Desperate Housewives) is back over at One Life To Live for the summer, I couldn't be happier.He is probably the funniest actor on any soap, and has great chemistry with anybody. I mean ANYBODY! He's hot, fabulous, hilarious, and breathing some much needed life back into daytime! Thanks ABC for bringing him back to Lanview!

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One more time, Happy Friday!!!!

Happy weekend to all!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Swallowing Golfballs & PMS

ICK! I'm sick! We're all sick actually, except Cheyanne. Patrick has a monster cough, that kept us up ALL night, I've got swollen glands in my throat that feel like golfballs (why did I get my tonsils out when I was 20?), and Allen stayed home from work today with a fever. So I'm sick, I'm tired from no sleep, and of course PMS like a bitch outta hell. What a day, and it had to be the first day back from a long weekend too...

I started a new blog on wordpress (look at my links). Over the weekend I found a whole collection of poetry and stuff that I'd written in junior high and high school. I was pretty pleased with my teenage angsty self, and decided I'd start a little blog to publish it. I only wish I'd dated them, or at least put the names of who I was writing about... It's funny how someone ruled my world enough for to write a poem about them, only twenty years later not have a clue about who which poem is about. Teenagers...

I finished Snuff! What a book. Man only Chuck P. could turn a group of characters as screwed up as these folks, and make you love them. I'm always a little about books that are about porn, but Chuck has never let me down before. I had the book finished in just about 2 days. Nice, but out there, surprise ending, as always. I say if you;re looking for a good read about sex, porn, gang bangs, and Snuff films, this one is for you. OK, that sounds bad, but trust me it's so bad, it's good... I give it an A!

What a crappy day. I could only think of one JamsBio story to link up to this post, that seems to fit my very crappy day.

Doing Daycare

That's it I'm going to bed now.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Knocked Up & Snuffed...

First off, I have a startling admission to make. In an earlier post in regards to my favorite show of all time, 21 Jump Street, being made into a movie I made a few "comments" about not being a Judd Apatow fan (see post here). It was wrong of me to be so quick to judge, having not actually seen any of his bigger movies. I say this because last night I saw Knocked Up. I had absolutely no inclination to see it when it came out in theaters or DVD. I prefer my "unplanned pregnancy freak out" movies with a little Hugh Grant in them for good measure (Nine Months). Be that as it may, while channel surfin last night I came across Knocked Up only about 15 minutes into it. I decided to forego my pre-conceived notion of it being guy humor, and give it a shot. I'm glad I did.

So maybe I'm still not convinced that Judd Apatow is the comic genius of our generation (That's right Entertainment Weekly, I will not bow to your every whim!), I have to say I was impressed. The dialogue and characters were eerily realistic, which I guess is good for Apatow, maybe bad for me... Infact the characters were too realistically written, if that makes any sense. It almost seemed strange to have characters in a movie talking, so normally. There was a lot of cussing, and some of the jokes were potty humor, and some of the mean things said during the fights, well none of them came across forced, it all came across very normal.

Also being that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Paul Rudd, I couldn't help but enjoy Knocked Up.

I still say NO to 21 Jump Street being a comedy (I'm putting together a petition that should be floating around the internet shortly), and Jonah Hill, well I'm still not happy about his involvement. I'm convinced that Seth Rogan would do a much better Penhall than Jonah Hill. Again, as long as it's not a comedy... Anyhow, apologies to Apatow and the guys...

Friday night we made a trip to Borders. It's been tooooo long since I've been to a book store. I could've walked around there for hours and hours. I picked up Chuck Palahniuck's new one, Snuff. I've only got about 30 pages left. Good book, creepy subject matter as always. Like I always say, with Chuck, it's about how he writes that captivates me, not so much what he writes. He could write stereo instructions and I'd be enthralled!

I also took Patrick on his first trip to the comic book store, Fantasy Books & Games. I don't think he realized that there was a store for all things Superhero related. It was kind of cool. When I was a kid, it was called Fact, Fiction, And Fantasy, and was the most awesome place in the world. I used to love going there, and browsing the fantasy books forever!!!

JamsBio is holding a contest of sorts. They're trying to get people to generate traffic, and whoever gets the most traffic to their memories gets some cool prizes (I don't know what, but I'm hoping for concert tickets)! So if you haven't checked it out yet, or are looking for something to kill some time, check out my latest memories over on JamsBio.


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Happy Memorial Day Kids!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday, Again?

Congratulations to American Idol winner David Cook. Let's be honest though, he had it in the bag... Though I've admitted through the course of the season that I was not watching as diligently as I normally do, I watched enough to know that it was his for the taking from day one. Not to mention I love to see someone win AI who truly "Gets It" (I.E. Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia...). Cheers to the Cook family, and I hope he does well... What a finale though!!! Bryan Adams was great except for, ya know, making the AI contestants all look PRETTY damn cheesy. AI should think twice about having real rockstars perform with their, I guess you could say, rockstars in training. And how about David Cook & ZZ Top? Being a lover a ZZ Top from way back, I have to admit, they weren't at their best. In all honesty, I've thought that about the last couple TV appearances they've made. Cook rocked it though. I LOVED Graham Nash and Brooke White. The tribute to George Michael was awesome, and I just about flipped when he walked out (I being UNAWARE he was performing, DUH). I was quickly disappointed though. He seemed off, and I didn't care for the song too much. It all made sense when he made a point saying he had a cold...So what was the highlight of the finale? OH yea, that's easy, this...

Bad news about the E! Network kids, apparently the head of programming is... SATAN!! That's my theory anyway after seeing the ads for two new shows premiering this week, "Living Lohan" is a reality show following the life of Lindsey's mom, Dina. Lindsey refusing to have ANYTHING to do with it, won't even allow her voice to be heard over the phone. That's a family with issues, you know where Lindsey Lohan is the smart one... Not to be outdone by Dina Lohan in the quest for queen publicity whore (a title that is currently held by Britney I believe) Denise Richards, most famous for divorcing Charlie Sheen and Sleeping with her BFF's (Heather Locklear) husband (Richie Sambora), has a show called "Complicated". It's supposed to be one of those "See, I may be famous but I'm really just like you" type of shows. We follow the single mom around in her daily doings. Her little girls presence on the show will be limited though. Charlie Sheen (father of both girls) actually tried to sue Denise so that the girls could not be shown on the show AT ALL. Sadly enough for them, he lost, but at least their exposure will be "limited". Sounds to me like these girls only have one decent parent, and it sure as hell ain't Denise. It's not complicated at all really.... Good dad, bad mom...

My favorite author Chuck Palahniuck's new book, Snuff is out this week!!! I'm dying over here! Saturday we make a trip to Borders I think...

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Title To Be Determined Later

So happy Tuesday readers. I'm sorry, reader. Just another day basically. I went to orientation last night, and boy do I feel old! Everyone else that was there were ALL seniors preparing for their freshman year at college, and here I am 30 (Proud GOTVOT Member thank you). There was even guys with superman backpacks (much like my five year olds) and other guys wearing heelys like my ten year old niece. PCU, this is not. It felt a little more like Nursery school...

My weird age issue aside, I'm looking forward to going back to school. I'm nervous, and I hate being away from the family a couple nights a week, plus giving up my Saturdays, but it'll be worth it in the end. I'll have many more job opportunities with my certificate, and will have more3 choices as to what i want to do when Cheyanne starts kindergarten.

Not to mention I qualified for the BOG tuition waiver (yay for being poor!) so all my classes for the fall semester are free! Except of course for the fees, which only add up to a whopping $22.00. I think I can swing that. And I'll be getting a stipend from the state (thanks VERY much to the governator) because of The First 5 initiative. It would be stupid for me NOT to take advantage...

I received my prize for winning the Thriller contest. The money came straight to paypal, and I received my box full of Michael Jackson's music/DVD library is pretty awesome. I was groovin to Wanna Be Startin Somethin all the way to orientation... I'm still riding pretty high off that win. Nice feeling.

Anyway, I'm off to bed...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

21 Jump Street: The Movie?

OK, so word leaked out Wednesday (I just read this in EW yesterday) that Jonah Hill (one of Judd Apatow's little darlings) is in negotiations to develop a film version of my favorite TV show of all time, 21 Jump Street. In the EW report it said that Sony has yet to decide on a tone for the movie, and of course no word on any of the famous stars whose career the show launched would return for the even a cameo. Stephen J. Cannell, the original creator of the show, is set to produce the movie.

Here is why I'm NOT happy.

1. I DO NOT like Jonah Hill. Infact the entire Judd Apatow craze has completely been lost on me. I don't think he's all that funny, and I don;t think Jonah Hill is all too funny either. "That shouldn't matter," you say, "21 Jump Street isn't a comedy, give the kid a chance". A-Ha, that brings me to reason number two.

2. Jonah Hill told MTV news that it WAS going to be a comedy. "Sony approached me because they wanted to do a comedic version of it. But it's not like slapstick or anything like that," he told MTV. 21 Jump Street? Comedy? OK, not to say the comedic episodes of the show were not HILARIOUS, because the show had a great cast and writing. They did comedy very well, but it wasn't the tone of the show. The show was educational, and serious. NOT FUNNY.

3. A comedic version will ensure no cameos by any of the show original cast. I am sure of it.

4. Did I mention I don't like Jonah Hill?

This sucks, and I'm going to start boycotting Sony if they continue with this idea of a comedic tone to the movie!! This is 21 Jump Street for cryin out loud. Have some respect Sony pictures...

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

California Rocks It!

Did you watch the news today? Yea, you heard it right. If you're gay you can get married here.
God Bless The Golden State & California Civil Liberties Baby! WOO HOO!!!!

Now if we can just keep the medicinal marijuana clinics from getting raided. Let's just say the happy cows won't be the only reason California rules!!!!

(Cue in California Dreamin music as I fade away to go watch Lost...)

Skipping Spring Going Straight to Summer

So it turns out that we're not having spring here in CA... Today it was well over 100 and miserable! I'm so glad we have air conditioning! After the kids got picked up, we all went to the pool. It was our first trip of the year to our neighborhood pool, and it felt GREAT! I will admit, I was kind of looking forward to Spring. That one week we had in between winter and summer just wasn't quite enough for my taste...

I'm going to start linking up some of my memories from JamsBio to my posts here, that kind of relate.

Can I have a moment with my GH fans out there? I've so had it with that stupid Zacchara family. They were cool at first, but now, not so much. Johnny & Claudia with there stupid plans to have someone else take the blame for Michael getting shot (how lame is it that no one has figured it out yet?). They are constantly talking about trying to cover up the obvious. They remind me of those stupid foster farm chickens, trying to pretend their natural when they're car is all full of junk get the picture.
Speaking of stupid and fake, is it just me or does Steve Burton look as annoyed with the show as I am? Whenever Sonny is talking to him I swear the look on Jason's face make me seriously wonder if the voice inside his head is saying, "LA LA LA I can't hear you LA LA A"... Maybe that's just my own voice saying that whenever Sonny speaks, I can't be sure...

Oh wait, that's not the Zacchara's....HA HA

Have you seen the new Macy's commercials? OMG!! They are hilarious!!! This one is the latest and definatley my favorite!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Madonna: Still Rockin

So Madonna ruffled some feathers this past week by kissing one her female back up dancers at a gig in Paris. That's right, I said Madonna, lesbian kiss, and concert. No it's not 1990, it's not even 2003, it's 2008. That's right it's 2008, and many of you may be thinking the same thing I was. Are we still supposed to be shocked when Madonna french kisses a chick? I can't imagine that there's anyone who Madonna could French Kiss that would leave me shocked at all actually.

I mean really, this is Madonna. She let a dog lick her "stuff" for a picture in her Sex book back in 1992, and people are talking about her French Kissing some back up dancer? That was already old news back when Truth Or Dare came out. That was 1991. Really folks, Madonna is a big old mess of controversy, sex, and mystique. She always has been, that's why she's Madonna.

Madonna has been making music since my early childhood, and has been in the public eye for as long as I can remember. She showed a generation of girls that we are in control of our careers, our sexuality, and our lives. Now she's giving that lesson to another generation. A generation in their fifties. She's living proof that women can age on their own terms. She's also a testament that pop icons can remain relevant even 25 years into their careers.

Some say she's too old, that Hard Candy is just an attempt at staying young. I say wrong. Hard Candy is proof that Madonna still has her thumb on the pulse of pop culture, she's just as hot as she ever was, and she still could care less what the critics have to say.

Her tour makes a stop here in the Bay Area in November, and I'm putting money on the fact that it will be a kick ass show whether there's French Kissing or not.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Tuesday

Well my assesment test came back saying that I am wicked smart in english (OK, so maybe it didn't say "wicked" but I needed to make myself feel better after the math scores) and totally dumb when it comes to math. Really, I could've just had my english and math teachers from high school drop them a little email and tell them that...

I am really getting kind of excited about going back to school. I don't know, it just feels so hopeful. I never thought I was one of those "go back to school" kind of people, but I guess maybe I am. 

I am hangin back at Reality Shack again. My stupid safari was conflicting with the site (along with a few other sites) and everytime I tried to post somewhere it just booted me back to the main menu, and wouldn't let me log in. Anyhow, I updated my software and cleared my cache, and all is back to normal again. I'll be recappin The Two Coreys when they return in June 11. Yay! Now if only VH1 will announce a third season for The Baios!!!

Mother's Day was good, spent the days in my PJ's, and being lazy around the house. I watched The Pirates Of Caribbean At World's End, FINALLY. It was good, but Loooong. I mean REALLY long. I'm sure glad I didn't try and see it in the theaters... Speaking of theaters, Sex And The City is coming out, and I will go by myself to go see it if I have to...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Math+Me= Greek

So I took my assessment tests today to go back to school. I did just fine with the English sections (at least it seemed like it was pretty easy) but I knew I was headed straight for the crapper as soon as I hit those math questions. Here's an example of what I saw on the test,
 blah blah blah blah blah.
That was about it. I'm sure I answered only 2 of the questions right, at best. I sucked at math back in school and I suck even worse at it now.  Almost 15 years later! Makes me feel like I'm too old. Is 30 too old? For crying out loud, it's an Associate Teacher certificate to teach pre-school. Why should I even have to deal with math at all? OK, I know I'll have to have it to get my AA, but it just seems stupid. 
On the other hand, walking through a college campus felt, in a word, GOOD. I felt young, I felt hopeful, and inspired. It was a good feeling.

Speaking of good feelings, I am still walking on a cloud over the news that I won the Thriller contest. I was told the judges "loved my story". It just feels awesome. I've always been so chicken to enter anything I've written into any kind of contest, and boom, finally I do it, and I win. It's a total confidence builder, for sure. Now if only I could get a laptop so I could start focusing even more time on writing...

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there, and for those of who aren't mom's but have a child whose life you offer a little bit of love to, Happy Mom's Day to you too.

Friday, May 9, 2008

This Just In!!!

I WON the Grand Prize in that Michael Jackson Thriller contest!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT believe it! WOO HOO!!!!!!

I got the email just a few minutes ago!


And So It Goes

Hip Hip Hooray! Our debt has been discharged! That's right The Harvey Family Bankruptcy is finally OVER!!! We went to court on Wednesday, for what turned out to be the most anticlimactic 7 minutes of my life. We were so nervous, and our lawyer (God love the guy) had us expecting this very lengthy and detailed procedure. Nope, he asked us a few generic questions, and gave us his sympathies for both being self employed right now (during these trying economic times). After that he simply said "You're excused". It was so fast that we just kind of sat there for a second. We couldn't believe that was it. I called our lawyer the next day and he sais "What are you callin me for, You're done!". Then he confirmed that our case had been approved and our debt had been discharged. YAY! I'm just happy to say, it's over. Chapter over.

So I wrote my first blog post for JamsBio's blog, check it and leave me some comments!

Iron Man: Feast For The Eyes AND The Ears

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I heard something HORRIBLE in MSNBC. A story about this woman in Atlanta who passed away after a car accident. She had been rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta and after she passed away, SOMEONE stole her rings!!! They weren't any rings of course, they were diamond and platinum and of course she had custom designed them herself to be a symbol of the love her and her husband shared while he was away as  a Navy Pilot. No he's alone with their 4 and 1 year old sons, and someone has taken the one thing she had to leave her boys. I put myself in her shoes, and I would want my kids to have them, I mean it would be VERY important to me. There is a reward being offered of $25,000. I certainly hope that they get returned. How awful is that?
Here's The News Story

Was anyone watching Rock the Cradle? Yea, I know me neither, but I really wanted to be! I did catch episodes here and there, and was very pleased to see Chloe (Olivia Newton-John's daughter) and Blaze (Dee Schneider's son) were the finalists. Oh yea, and that Crosby kid (Kenny Loggin's son) who I thought was nice, but no stage presence. I mean AT ALL. Zero, zilch, nada. Yet somehow, he won? Really ? First C. Thomas Howell has resorted to doing card tricks and now a non presence on the stage wins over two very unique and electric performers? Really? 

By the by, for those of who interested in the cosmic happenings over at JamsBio, might be interested to know that my brother's old girlfriend is moving back to CA and they're going to be together! You can read all about the very magical, yet true story here,

I registered for school this week, and am taking my assessment tests tomorrow. My immediate plan is just to get my associate teacher certificate, so i can teach pre-school. But I'm going to take advantage of the First-5 program (pays people who work with kids ages 0-5 to go to school) which tries to steer you towards getting your AA. I'm nervous about the assessment, it's been soooo long since I've taken any kind of test. EEEK. Wish me luck...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hello May

First and foremost of course, update on my dad. the oncologists have decided he is at Stage 2. This is positive news. On the 12th of this month he will begin a very aggressive treatment consisting of Chemo and Radiation at the same time. This will be in a world AWFUL, but we have every reason to believe that this will do the job. We are remaining positive, confident, and diligent in our prayers & good thoughts.

On a much lighter note, the Harvey family bankruptcy begins it's final chapter this Wednesday when we FINALLY attend Bankruptcy court. We are very excited to be coming to the end of this saga. Hopefully it will end well. Now if only that stupid economic stimulus money will come so we can catch up on all the bills we fell behind on to pay for the stupid bankruptcy...

And even lighter than that, today Patrick & I went to see IRON MAN!!!! Yay!! It was so awesome. Robert Downey Jr. is the BEST SUPERHERO EVER! He's my new hero. I love him. I'm obsessed, and madly in love with Robert Downey Jr. Patrick loved it too, and we had a great time. Best date I've had in years! Jon Favreau has done a great job for Marvel. I truly think that they're new movie franchise will do well. Especially if they continue with inspired director and casting choices like they made with Iron Man.

Oh, TV. I'm shamed to admit that I watched VH1's new celebreality show, Celebracadaba. VH1, you should be ashamed. First the Kid Star show, and now this? And C. Thomas Howell? Is this really all that's out there for you? Really? If so, it's a mad mad world. Man Up C. Thomas. Man Up, and ditch VH1 NOW! Remember, you're a WOLVERINE man! WOLVERINE! 

Lost is FINALLY back, and keeping me up waaaaay too late. It's too good to be on that late.