Thursday, October 23, 2008

Prop 8 Update

So I am finally starting to see some No on Prop 8 signs around the hood, around all of town in fact. It's about time. I am so annoyed with all the stupid ads saying Yes on Prop 8. What's even sadder is that people here in California are actually buying this crap. I though we were a little more educated than that. Yesterday I received a notice in the mail from the California Police Officers, you know their voter guide. Usually they send this out right before an election and list all the Propositions that they support and why. Normally they simply list whatever props apply to them, but not this year. THIS year they included their position on Prop 8. Which is a big fat uneducated bigoted YES. Can you imagine? The POLICE taking a stance on something like this? How crazy is that?

On the flip side, the California Superintendent and the California School system have also taken an official position, which is NO. Thank God. Those of you who have not seen some of the Yes on Prop 8 ads, one of the many false claims that they make is that gay marriage will be taught in schools. Any of us with children know that that is of course pure BS. Since when is ANY kind of marriage taught in schools? Never has, never will. Not here in California anyway. That's why the schools have taken an official stand not only against Prop 8, but against misleading the California people.

You go Schools! Ok, well if you are in California, or even know people in California, please spread the word. Vote No on Prop 8!!!

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