Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yes on Love, No on 8!

I was suddenly taken back today by the sudden emergence of a number of Vote Yes on Prop 8 signs EVERYWHERE. Now, I'm taken back because we are a fairly democratic community. The majority of registered voters here in good old Livermore are in fact Democrats. Well, at least we are now... So I kind of thought that, generally speaking, we all agreed on the whole gay marriage thing. C'mon folks, this is the bay area, gay marriage is kind of our "thing" right now.

Maybe I should clarify for those of you who are not aware of Prop 8. Basically it takes back the right for gay couples to marry. The right that they were so rightfully given here in California. And I can't go half a block without seeing a "Yes on Prop 8" sign. WTF? I have serious issues with gay marriage. In that it should NOT be something we vote on. How lame is restricting marriage?

Here I am watching the debates, and no one can agree if "Universal health care" is allowing the government too much power. Last week the government went back and forth over the bail out bill because no one could decide if the government should or shouldn't step in to take control. Yet everyone is quite clear on how much the government should be involved in the marriage bed? C'mon.

Love is love, and should never be put on a ballot. People should marry who they want to marry, and actually Californians in general all agreed that to be true once already. Isn't that how gay marriage became legal in the first place? So how does that end up on the ballot again?

And how did all my crazy neighbors get these signs up in front of their house all of a sudden? What are we living in the fifties all of sudden? Did Doc Brown screw up the space time continuim?

It's just sad. I want so much for my kids to grow up in a world where love is honored in all it's beautiful incarnations. One of my worst fears as a parent, aside from my kids getting into drugs, is that my kids will grow up to be bigots. It would just break my heart. And I hope that I raise them with the morals, strength, and intelligence they need to not succumb to ignorance. Stupid Yes on Prop 8 people! I fear your influence on my children, not the gays!


Thor said...

I read something about how people were going to put their Yes on Prop 8 signs up in unison on a certain day.

Anyway I kind of am in a similar culture shock situation. I live in New Jersey, but my particular town is rich and white. So I see about 15 or so Mccain/Palin signs on my way 2 mile drive to school. That compered to about 3 Obama signs.

Christina said...

How can they decide that something is a fundamental right, grant it to people, and then try to take it back? That's so dumb. So silly. We can play that game. Instate a no-backsies rule. Once you give it, you can't get it back.