Monday, November 24, 2008

The Dentist & Flu Shots

The Dentist

All weekend I have had a small knot in the pit of my stomach, and though I tried to deny it, the big bold writing on my ical would not let me forget it. Today was Dentist Appt. day! Not for me, but for the kids. Patrick has been a trooper at every dentist appointment he's ever been to, while Cheyanne on the other hand, well Cheyanne not so much. Last year she cried and threw such an incredible fearful fit, that they ended up not giving her an exam at all!

So for the last year I have been dreading & putting off bringing her back. But it was finally time. We pulled in to the parking lot (running late as usual) and I took a deep breath, waiting for the inevitable freak-out. We made our way across the parking lot and still, no freak-out. I figured she must be waiting until we get in the door. S we ride the elevator and make our way to Dr. Josh's office (the best pediatric dentist ever) and go in. Still nothing.

Patrick was off & running the minute we came in because since his last visit he has lost his first tooth, had the adult tooth begin to come in, and now has another loose one, so he was all primed and ready to show his new grill off to anyone and everyone.

Cheyanne got called in and laid down on the table. I waited. All she did was lay down and watch Bee movie on the big TV screen that was hanging over the chair, and let the lady hygienist do her thing. I sat in shocked amazement as my daughter simply allowed a dental cleaning to happen. Then the dentist came in, and still she laid happily while Dr. Josh checked her teeth.

Isn't it amazing when your child suddenly just overcomes something on their own? Wow. Plus they got good reports across the board. Perfect teeth. That's right, my babies got some beautiful teeth.

The Flu Shot

After the very awesome trip to the dentist, I had to push my luck with flu shots. You know with school, work, and all the other crap we always have going on we only have so many free mornings to do these kind of errand and so I had to cram them into one morning. My kids made me go first, and though they both gave a cry while the shit was given, they recovered quickly, thanks in part to the suckers in my purse. So much for the healthy teeth! HA HA

As it turns out, I'm the big wimp. I've been whining about my sore arm ALL DAY. It feels all bruised and sore, and I finally took something. But I'm still achy. The kids haven't complained once. Go figure.

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