Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bargain Books & Cosmic Tales From JamsBio

So today we went to a book sale over at the library, and bought a bagload of stuff for a whopping $5!! Man I love that. We got some cool stuff but my score was a sweet hard copy first edition of The DaVinci Code! 50 cents! Everytime I've read it, I've had to borrow it. Yay! I also got Angels & Demons for 10 cents! Haven't read it yet, but have wanted to ever since the first time I read DaVinci Code. Score. I love book sales.

So over at my new internet hang-out, JamsBio there have been some strange happenings. On Thursday I got a comment on a memory I wrote about my big brother. I went to read it and can you believe, it was an old girlfriend of his from YEARS ago. A friend told her about JamsBio months ago and she was finally checking it out, she clicked on a tag marked brothers and read my story. It wasn't until she got to the end that she saw the picture of me and my brother. Strange enough? It gets better, the picture I just happened to choose, of all the 30 years of pictures I have of me and my brother, was a picture taken while she was right there! Still not spooked? Well it gets better, we were just talking about this old girlfriend not two weeks ago, because I now live in the same house that she grew up in... Wait, there's more. So after a couple of days of talking with her via myspace, I finally decide to call big brother and tell him. What does he tell me before I can even get the story out? That he had just sat down to read the story I wrote about him. Another 5 minutes and he would have seen the message she left for himself... So what's to come of this strange cosmic happening? I don't know yet, but I highly suggest you all get your butts over to JamsBio and see what cosmic things transpire for you...
By the by, my sister has ventured onto JamsBio as well so check it out, Candice's JamsBio.
Once you are on leave me a comment and let me know so I can add you to my favorites.

Also, who has seen Rock The Cradle? It's on MTV and is American Idol meets one of those E! THS about children of rockstars. I found it strangely addictive. I think I'm in lust with Dee Schneider's son. Olivia Newton John's daughter is a little green, but really haunting. I mean in a good way. She did Never Tear Us Apart by INXS, and wow.  It was haunting. Not the best singer of the group, but something stuck with me about the performance. I'm intrigued to see what she and the rest of them do next...

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