Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Now This Is A Bad Week

Well, I've gone back & forth about putting this out there, but decided that aside from the fact that there are those of you who would like to know what's going on, I would also deeply appreciate all the kind thoughts and prayers you have to offer my family right now.
Last week my dad was diagnosed with throat cancer. It's been a very rough week for all of us, especially for my poor dad. They've yet to give a clear indication as to whether he's at stage 2 or stage 4. Big difference. But either way he will begin treatment chemo/radiation combo next week.
This is probably the biggest and scariest thing to hit our family ever, and all your well wishes and good thoughts would be deeply, deeply, appreciated by myself, my sister, brother, mom, stepmom, and all his loving grandkids. Along with all the other people who love my dad.
He's in good health, and though this type of cancer is caused by prolonged drinking & smoking (please think twice dear friends....) he hasn't been drinking or smoking in well over 10 years. This will help dearly in the upcoming fight.
Those of you who want more details or anything can feel free to call or email me. Otherwise PLEASE say a prayer for my family.
Thank you more than you know,


Christina said...

Big hugs and good thoughts for you, Meg.

Meghan said...

Thanks !!