Saturday, January 19, 2008

California Primary-It's Magic Time!

When I was a kid I had a teacher tell me something that has forever been imbedded into my brain. I must have been in the second grade and there was a presidential election happening (must have been Reagan running for his 2nd term). The topic was general qualifications for running for president. The thought had crossed my mind of running at some point (Not for that election, and if you don't believe I was wondering what it would take to be the first female president at the age of 7, you didn't know me as a child...), and I asked my teacher about it. What she said forever impacted my views on racism & sexism forever.

"Unfortunately you will probably never see a female president in your lifetime. If you're lucky, maybe a black man. This country will be ready for a black man as Commander In Chief, long before it will be ready for a woman." I always took that as fact. When rumors began to swirl. years later, that Colin Powell may run for president I thought, this is it. Here he is. It never happened. When Al Gore lost his bid for the presidency, I realized that if Al Gore can't get in, then I probably won't ever see a black man in the White House. The idea of woman, still was something that I believed if I was lucky my daughter could see someday. Certainly not something I'd ever get to witness for myself.

Well as fate would have it, my teacher was wrong. Here I am, 30 years old and looking over my California voter information guide, and listening to CNN. The two front runners in this Primary election, a Young Black Man from the good city of Chicago, and a former First Lady, the balls out Senator from New York. Considering the state of the economy, the state of the world, and all the Americans screaming out for help, for someone to listen, and for change, it looks like one of them will certainly be our next president. At this point can we REALLY go wrong either way?

Hell no. It fills me with such genuine pride that my children could very well grow up in a world with a woman or a black man as president. The relationships between men & women, blacks & whites would forever be different. They would grow up with a TOTALLY different perspective on life. It's truly magical. This is one of the most important and incredible moments in history, so I hope YOU ALL are planning on being a part of it.

You only have until the 22nd to register if you are not already. And you have until the 29th to apply to vote by mail. Click on my rock the vote banner on my profile to do both online, it's quite simple.
February 5th!!! Don't let history pass you by, live it baby!!!

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