Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Writer's Strike Sucks

Monday may have been a holiday, but this week was still too long. Maybe it's the cold rainy weather. Maybe it's because the new year has not been kind to us so far. Maybe because I'm suffering from cabin fever. That's what happens when you're cooped up inside the house with a writers strike going on.

I miss my shows. My Name is Earl and The Office were both getting pretty funny this season. 30 Rock. Oh sweet Tina Fey, how I long for your witty humor. I also miss HIMYM. My Mondays feel it's sudden lack of awesomeness. At least Lost is returning, but it's not for a full season. (Thanks writers guild)! Don't get me wrong, I support the writers, blah blah blah . I believe they should get their internet revenues, of course. If they did the work and someone is getting compensation for it, they should to. I also think that the studios should stop pretending that reality shows are "reality". They have writers, and those writers shouldn't be exempt from having to join the writers guild anymore than soap opera writers should.

That gives me an idea, with all the stale writing happening on soaps these days, maybe some of those reality show writers should take a shot at a real writing gig, soaps. The stuff they turn out on the reality circuit is pretty fresh and pretty juicy. Maybe a fresh shot of reality writing is what the soap operas need to breath some new life into them. Just an idea... At any rate can they just get back to the table and strike a deal already? Please writers and studios, stop the madness. Please, please, stop the madness.

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