Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Red Eyes & A Dead Car (or as we call it around here, Wednesday)

1:00AM: I woke up with my left eye watering and itchy and very very red. Anyone who ever made the mistake of sharing eyeliner back in junior high, or anyone with kids knows what I'm talking about. Pink Eye! Of course I have pink eye. We can't go more than a day or two without SOMETHING going wrong.

5:30AM: After pretty much no sleep, thanks to the pink eye and the horrible gut wrenching cough (that still is hanging on from this cold that won't go away) I got up and took a hot shower, rinsed out my itchy red painful left eye, and remembered we had eye-drops in the medicine cabinet from the last time the kids had pink eye. Yay! I finally caught a break. Not so much. The expiration date on those stupid antibiotic eye-drops are last month. I don't know about you, but I'm not putting any expired eye-drops in my eyes. Great, that means I have to call Kaiser and order a prescription, which we don't have money for anyway.

6:30AM: Cheyanne woke up yelling "Mommy! I can't see!" Her eye was blurry and crusty and red. She has pink eye too. It's not even 7 yet! Happy Wednesday to me.

8:45AM Morning is progressing with it's normal chaos. Kids yelling, breakfast being served, and legos covering every square inch of the floor. It takes me about 15 minutes to get all 6 kids dressed and ready to take Patrick to school. I place everyone in front of Dora the Explorer, so I can run out and warm up the car. Running right on time. Perfect.

8:47AM: Use my little electronic beepy thingy to unlock the car, but it won;t work. Great the battery must be dead. So I have to actually use the key to unlock the car door! Oh the horror! I put the key into the ignition and nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Dead car, dead battery. Why is it not Friday yet?

8:50AM: Call Tanner's mom, Kari and she's still home! She says she can pick up Patrick on the way. Awesome. The rest of the kids start an all revolt when I start taking their jackets & shoes off. They still want to take Patrick to school. They begin trying to attack me with the previously mentioned legos. I should've cleaned them before breaking the news we weren't going anywhere. Damn.

9:00AM: I sure could use a cup of coffee about now. But the coffee maker is as dead as the car. I'm assured we will be getting a new one this weekend, that does nothing for me today. I settle for OJ.

9:01AM: Have decided to call all my daycare kids moms, and have them come get their kids so that I can go back to bed. OK, so that didn't really happen. A girl can dream, right?

9:02: Nap time is still 3 hours away. 3 very long hours away.....

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