Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Living History!

PhotobucketSo The kids & I just came back from turning in my absentee voter ballot at our local polling place. The line was out the door, and the buzz was electric. I was raised to be pretty politically aware. Voting was considered not just a privilege, but a duty in my house. I definitely want to instill that in my little ones. Especially a race like today where the vote is going to be so close!

To think, women weren't even able to vote until 1920. Today Hilary is a front runner. In 1968 Robert Kennedy was killed, partially because of his views on racism. Today the other front runner is Obama. I've already gone over this in my blog, I just am really enjoying being a part of this moment in time. This is truly what it must have felt like when Robert Kennedy won the California primary that day.

The economic times has caused my very own household to fall into shambles. The gas prices are killing us every week, so many people have been laid off it's hard to find people in need of daycare, and our loss of income over the last months has caused us to file bankruptcy. If ever there was a time when I was personally in need of political change, it's now. I'm hoping a year from now the economy wil already be well on it's way to recovery, and this crisis will be long over.

Maybe 40 years from now my own daughter will be running for president, and I'll look back on this day and smile.

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