Thursday, February 21, 2008

Killing Time Before Lost....

How much can I get in here before Lost begins? Let's see...

1) What's up with McCain? OMG! I'm a democrat and all, but have always thought pretty highly of McCain . As far as republicans go, he's up there with Governator! I'm a little tripped out by these freaky allegations. I was a big defender that Clinton should not have been treated the way he was for cheating on his wife. It sucked and he's a jerk, but did it really impact the country? Hell to the No my people! If what the NYT is saying is true about McCain , it's a whole different thing. This lady, Vicki Iseman, is a lobbyist. That's not just cheating on your wife, that's possibly exchanging political favors for sex... Yuk.

2) My babies are going to Stanford! Can you believe the new standard Stanford has set by allowing anyone whose parents make less than $100,000 to come TUITION FREE! I'm so amazed by this. College is one of the many things that keep me up nights. I regret so desperately not going, and it is CRUCIAL to me that my kids do. If Stanford ends up setting a trend with this new policy, it would be a miracle for me and thousands of other families...

3) Hey Berkeley! Yes you. I've been a big supporter of your endeavors my entire life, but I must draw the line here. Banning the army recruiters? Really? I mean I am against the war as much as the next guy, for sure. But banning the recruiting offices. Berkeley city council, to you I say this, shame shame I know your name. You should all take a time out and think about what it means to be good hippies.
BAD Berkeley hippies, BAD.

4) Are any of my GH fans out there? Can I just say after Jason's terribly mean accusation that Carly hit Sam with her car just mere seconds after Carly told him she was finally pregnant, was LAME. Why couldn't Michael's gun hit Jason instead of Kate? WHY???

5) I am TOTALLY addicted to this new website I'm doing freelance writing for. It's called Jamsbio and I will let you all know when it goes public. It's music & memories. Two things I am REALLY good writing about...

6) After dropping the bomb last Friday that we were going to owe over $4,000, our tax lady has dropped off the face of the earth. I've been calling her and leaving her messages (we need out taxes for the bankruptcy) and she is not calling me back. Then today all I got was a busy signal. ALL DAY. Does the drama ever end?

7) My interview with Scott Baio's wife is up, check it out
Renee was so awesome! truly the highlight of my week!!!

OK, well I've got 10 minutes to Lost, and popcorn to be popped beforehand, so TTFN.

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