Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"And the tides gonna turn and it's all gonna roll your way..."

A couple things in the weekly "pre-Lost" post, as I've come to call it, first and foremost one of the coolest and most surreal moments of my life. Yesterday, I received my first check for freelance writing. It was a whopping $68.00! It may not be enough to quit the day job or anything, but man what a rush. I've been writing my WHOLE life. I've got a library full of journals, diaries, short stories, poems, and songs, you name it. It's been my passion and the core of who I am my entire life.

So for the first time I actually start to take it seriously, and I get paid for it. Well it's pretty damn emotional. I feel proud in a way I've never felt before. As far as career and professionally, I've never felt complete. I've always had a big empty space where that piece of me should be. Doing daycare makes me happy, because it enables me to be home with my kids, where I want to be. That doesn't make it my passion. Not even close. The closest I ever came to that feeling was getting my first paycheck at Rock 95. That was pretty cool too. But this, this feels like destiny...

The other great thing that happened was today. The Cat Lady (AKA our tax lady) FINALLY got back to us after almost 2 weeks of being MIA. If you've been following the ongoing saga of " The Harvey Family Bankruptcy/Tax Debt 2008", you'll know that she disappeared after telling us we were going to owe over $4,000, but she couldn't get us the final numbers or the paperwork (which we needed for our old senile bankruptcy lawyer) because she was having computer problems. We never heard back from her, and most times when I'd call, I'd get a damn busy signal.

I'm not lying when I tell you what she told me. That her CATS kept messing with her and unplugging the phone in the back room where she couldn't see it. So we've been on this depressing slump for the last week and a half waiting for confirmation, because her cats were being "funny". How is it, if there is a freakin nutjob within a mile radius of us, we'll hire them for something?

On top of the endless venting about her VERY rude cats (her words), it finally came out that part of those "computer problems" is what gave her the total amount we were going to owe, the correct amount was actually 2. I said $2,000? Great!" She said "No, 2. Just 2 dollars". My heart leapt, "We only owe $2.00? You're kidding me!" I responded. "No," she said annoyed, "you're getting BACK $2.00". So not only are we NOT going to owe anything, as originally reported, but we're getting back $2.00!!!! HELLO MCDONALDS! Supersize me baby! YAYYYYY Woo HOO!!!!!

So Saturday we go BACK to the senile old bankruptcy lawyer with our taxes and get back on the bankruptcy train. If we ever make it to court at this point, God only knows. Here's hopin we get there before the collection people who keep calling drive me insane!

In all honesty, this week has been one of the best weeks we've had in a VERY long time (granted I still lost my keys on Wednesday, so Patrick missed school, but I guess dumb luck is just the story of my life). The title of the post is a quote from Dolly Parton's 9 to 5, because at the moment, I'm kinda feeling like maybe, just maybe, the tide is starting to change...


Christina said...

Congrats, Meg! I think that's about as much as I've made in my entire freelance career of almost five years. Maybe I should take a page from your book and get a bit more serious about it. Unfortunately, the best writing gigs are non-paying (like the Shack!). And I wouldn't change a thing about that gig.

Meghan said...

Amen to that! Thansk GG!

Michelle said...

Meghan -
Believe it or not there are people out here who check your blog almost daily and wish you would post more often!

Keep it up and thank you for being one of the only normal bloggers out there (if I had any money, I pay you!).

Meghan said...

Wow! Thank you Michelle! And thanks for reading. I'll definitley try and post more often since I now know that there are at least two people reading my blog... :)