Friday, June 20, 2008

First Day Of Summer

Well, with a 100 degree heat and daily trips to the pool, the first day of summer comes in with a heated bang. What a week. My big news of course being my phone call with none other than Corey Feldman on Wednesday!!!! That's right, I chatted with the Feldman for a good 15 minutes! Woo Hoo! He was much more down to earth than I expected and it was really fun talking with him. It took all I could though to keep from turning into Chris Farley from the Chris Farley Show sketch from SNL. "Hey Corey, remember when you did License To Drive? That was cool. Or when you filled the bathtub up with holy water in The Lost Boys? That was awesome. Or..or...or in Goonies, when the Pirate Ship escaped at the end and you had the jewels? That was awesome..."
I kept my cool, and the interview will be posted on Reality Shack just as soon as I finish it....which maybe I should be doing instead of this....

The first week of swim lessons is officially over. What a hectic thing! Patrick & Cheyanne are doing awesome though!! I can't believe how good they've gotten just over these first few days. I can't imagine how strong they'll be by the end of the summer! Well worth the chaos.

My big news item this week? The pregnant girls over in Gloucester, Mass. Seventeen girls in one high school, all pregnant? Rumor is that they made a pregnancy pact so that they could all raise their babies together. None of them are over 16, and it's reported that the fathers are all random guys in their twenties. One girl even admitting that the father of her baby was some homeless 24 year old. Basically sperm donors. WTF? The school apparently got suspicious when they noticed an unusually high number of girls coming into the school clinic asking for pregnancy tests. The girls who were pregnant were high fiving each other and planning baby showers, while the girls who were NOT pregnant, were noticeably upset. Pregnancy pacts? Are you kidding me? I thought kids today were more mature then in my day, but did somebody decide they would have to lose brain cells in exchange for the early maturity? And what the heck little fishing town is this? Ok, I;'m not stupid. There have always been teenage pregnancies ad there probably always will be. But 17, in one high school? All under 16? What the heck are those kids watching? Juno on a constant loop? Really, I think maybe the high school should be checked for brain cell killing asbestos or something, because that's just plain crazy.

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Christina said...

While the whole pregnancy pact thing is a sad sad comment on the state of adolesence today, your Juno comment? Hil. Air. Eee. Us!