Thursday, June 12, 2008

Neighborhood Gossip, Paper Plates, The Hogans and other Thursday Observations

I just got back from our neighborhood pool where I signed up the kids for their summer swim lessons which start Monday. Of course I had to got through the hush hush thing, because I was signing up 2 of my daycare kids too. They made an exception because they were daycare kids, but told me not to advertise because of all the drama that went on last year when the other daycare lady in the neighborhood took up almost all the 12:30 spots. You see those are spots that AREN'T going to kids in the neighborhood. I get their grief, and she' s got about 10 spots she's taking up, none of which are her own. I'm only taking two spots that aren't my own kids, and MY kids wouldn't be able to participate if I couldn't include those two extra kids. Anyhow, I got everybody signed up and my extra chaotic job of taking all six kids to swim lessons (the two little ones of course are too young for lessons and will be strapped in to the stroller) everyday for the rest of the sumemr. Yay for me...

I use paper plates all the time. I know it's wasteful both economically and environmentally. I do not care. It is one of the luxuries I afford myself. And with the daycare I still do one load a day in the dishwasher. Could you imagine if I served every meal and snack on regular plates? I guess in all honesty, I'm just lazy. But Dixie plates are now running this great commercial that makes me feel like I'm not lazy, but actually using paper plates for the well being of my family, and because it makes me a better mother. Kudos to you Dixie ad people. You have managed to turn my laziness into a noble gesture for my family. Thank you.

Note To Hogan Family:
You are bad bad people and to quote the esteemed Dr. Seuss,
"I would not like them here or there.
I would not like them anywhere.
I do not like the Hogan Family,
I do not like them, VH1 can't you see?"

OK, so it's summer and my TV viewing standards have dropped dramatically. Like to the point where I watched Celebrity Circus last night. It was awful, but somehow I couldn't turn away...

Speaking of, I have retracted my original opinion on Celebecadabra and am about to turn in to the finale on VH1. No, I'm going to watch my dear Ponyboy KICK Hal Sparks Magic lovin butt!!! That's right, I've decided anything that gives me C. Thomas Howell in weekly doses, is ALL good.

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