Sunday, June 15, 2008

The School District, father's Day, & Showin The Outsiders Some Love!

So Friday I get a letter in the mail from the school district saying that they didn't have enough spots to fill all the kids who are registered for Kindergarten at our home school (neighborhood school). When I say "home school" I mean I can see the darn Kindergarten classrooms from my kitchen window, that's how close we are. So because priority is given to kids who already have siblings attending the school and then to children whose parents work for the school district, and then everyone in the area that our school is in. After the priority kids that leaves 54 openings for which there are 78 kids registered! The letter said that that they are going to do a lottery to fill those remaining spots, and the rest of the kids will be assigned other schools in the city. Does that suck or what? I called the school district and let them have what for. The lady was actually very sympathetic, but of course there was nothing she could do. The lottery is on Tuesday, and if I call around 4pm I can find out if we got in instead of waiting for the letter in the mail. I'm so frustrated right now. One of the things that made this house perfect was that it was only a two minute walk to school!! I can;t imagine having to drive all the daycare kids to and form another school across town everyday, on top of Cheyanne's pre-school schedule. I told the lady to go ahead and get used to me, because I will probably be getting to know her well over the next 15 years...

Well Thursday was the finale of my secret obsession, Celebacadabra. My man, C. Thomas Howell kicked cocky little Hal Sparks butt! Woo Hoo! I'm actually sad to see it end. Then yesterday I watched Outsiders. C. Thomas Howell did well, but should have had a much bigger career. Scott Baio is going to be doing a new show VH1 next fall. The untitled show will take a group of former heartthrobs and follow them as they try and revive their careers. If C. Thomas Howell is in it, I'm IN. Maybe they should just go ahead and get the whole cast of Outsiders (minus Crazy Cruise of course) and start from there. Hey VH1, if you're reading this, you have my full support on that. Oh and since you're here, how about bringing back Behind The Music & Bands Reunited?

Yesterday Patrick & Allen went out for some Father;s Day bonding and saw the Hulk. They both loved it. Cheyanne and I went swimming at the pool, and then did out nails. I painted hers and she painted mine. It was so cute!!! One of our first real girly bonding moments. She was quite precise too for a three year old. I have no intention of taking the polish off anytime soon, she's way too proud of it. We brushed each other's hair and watched the Outsiders (see above). I figure a girl is never to young to meet the original eighties heartthrobs. Lowe, Howell, Macchio, Dillon, Cruise, Estevez, and of course Swayze!

Speaking of which, I read in EW this week that Patrick Swayze is has responded well to treatment for his cancer. That's always great to hear, I wish him nothing but good health.

That brings me of course to Father's Day. We went out to Napa to have a BBQ with my dad. It was my step mom's brother's house, and it was nestled way up in Soda Canyon in the Napa hills. I swear it was one of the most beautiful pieces of land,. EVER. It was just gorgeous. I wouldn't mind to live in a place like that! The best part though was seeing my dad. He looks so unbelievably great for someone who is undergoing both radiation & chemotherapy. At the same time, mind you. We don't really know how the cancer is responding to the treatment, but his oncologist is amazed at how well my dad is taking at all. Not that he isn't in a lot of pain. Especially on a day like today, he was pretty much done after a couple of hours, but he stuck it out. He can't talk for very long at a time, but the doctors didn't think he'd be talking at all anymore at this point. We are all keeping our hopes up, especially after a day like today. 13 more days of radiation and one more round of chemo to go....

Here's some stuff I wrote about my dad over at JamsBio...
Moonshadows & Tadpoles


Happy Father's Day!!!!

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