Sunday, May 18, 2008

21 Jump Street: The Movie?

OK, so word leaked out Wednesday (I just read this in EW yesterday) that Jonah Hill (one of Judd Apatow's little darlings) is in negotiations to develop a film version of my favorite TV show of all time, 21 Jump Street. In the EW report it said that Sony has yet to decide on a tone for the movie, and of course no word on any of the famous stars whose career the show launched would return for the even a cameo. Stephen J. Cannell, the original creator of the show, is set to produce the movie.

Here is why I'm NOT happy.

1. I DO NOT like Jonah Hill. Infact the entire Judd Apatow craze has completely been lost on me. I don't think he's all that funny, and I don;t think Jonah Hill is all too funny either. "That shouldn't matter," you say, "21 Jump Street isn't a comedy, give the kid a chance". A-Ha, that brings me to reason number two.

2. Jonah Hill told MTV news that it WAS going to be a comedy. "Sony approached me because they wanted to do a comedic version of it. But it's not like slapstick or anything like that," he told MTV. 21 Jump Street? Comedy? OK, not to say the comedic episodes of the show were not HILARIOUS, because the show had a great cast and writing. They did comedy very well, but it wasn't the tone of the show. The show was educational, and serious. NOT FUNNY.

3. A comedic version will ensure no cameos by any of the show original cast. I am sure of it.

4. Did I mention I don't like Jonah Hill?

This sucks, and I'm going to start boycotting Sony if they continue with this idea of a comedic tone to the movie!! This is 21 Jump Street for cryin out loud. Have some respect Sony pictures...

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Christina said...

At first, I was like, 21 Jump Street with Jonah ain't so bad. But then I saw "comedy" and now I'm totally on your side.