Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Madonna: Still Rockin

So Madonna ruffled some feathers this past week by kissing one her female back up dancers at a gig in Paris. That's right, I said Madonna, lesbian kiss, and concert. No it's not 1990, it's not even 2003, it's 2008. That's right it's 2008, and many of you may be thinking the same thing I was. Are we still supposed to be shocked when Madonna french kisses a chick? I can't imagine that there's anyone who Madonna could French Kiss that would leave me shocked at all actually.

I mean really, this is Madonna. She let a dog lick her "stuff" for a picture in her Sex book back in 1992, and people are talking about her French Kissing some back up dancer? That was already old news back when Truth Or Dare came out. That was 1991. Really folks, Madonna is a big old mess of controversy, sex, and mystique. She always has been, that's why she's Madonna.

Madonna has been making music since my early childhood, and has been in the public eye for as long as I can remember. She showed a generation of girls that we are in control of our careers, our sexuality, and our lives. Now she's giving that lesson to another generation. A generation in their fifties. She's living proof that women can age on their own terms. She's also a testament that pop icons can remain relevant even 25 years into their careers.

Some say she's too old, that Hard Candy is just an attempt at staying young. I say wrong. Hard Candy is proof that Madonna still has her thumb on the pulse of pop culture, she's just as hot as she ever was, and she still could care less what the critics have to say.

Her tour makes a stop here in the Bay Area in November, and I'm putting money on the fact that it will be a kick ass show whether there's French Kissing or not.


Christina said...

I totally agree with you. In other news, how do you know all about her poses in her sex book, young lady?

Meghan said...

Getting our hands on a copy of that book was the life's work of all junior high school students at the time wasn't it?